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5 G is Here 21/10/2017

Qualcomm recently announced that it had completed its first test of 5G connectivity on a mobile device. While 5G trials are still underway with standards yet to be finalized, the development indicates that Qualcomm is inching closer to a commercially deployable product, which could allow it to hold a leadership position as the industry transitions from 4G to 5G. While most wireless carriers across the world are targeting 5G deployment after 2020, Qualcomm’s timeline is more aggressive with the company targeting commercial availability of 5G handsets by 2019.

Why Qualcomm’s Test Is Notable

While wireless carriers have been carrying out 5G trials for about two years now, Qualcomm’s test is notable, as it takes into consideration the power and form factor constraints of a smartphone. The test was carried out using the X50 5G modem that the company announced last year, on the 28 GHz millimeter wave frequency band. While Qualcomm achieved gigabit speeds in this test, it noted that speeds of 5 Gbps would be possible once full 5G deployments are completed. The company also unveiled its first 5G smartphone reference design, which could serve as a template of sorts for smartphone vendors in designing their 5G devices. Qualcomm also unveiled a millimeter wave antenna module for 5G handsets, which has much smaller dimensions compared to competing designs.

culled from forbes.com